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Reasons to Hire Mike

  1. Deal directly with the designer. Skip the middlemen.
  2. I am home based. Pay for design alone, not for the overhead.
  3. Get consultation without obligation, receive a firm quote, and see all work to be done and cost specified on paper before you sign.
  4. Benefit from user-friendly and search-engine-indexable information architecture. Be found in search results.
  5. Let issues with your final copy be spotted by someone with a degree in English.
  6. Know the code is W3C standards compliant.
  7. Relax with a generous two week revision period.
  8. Get free installation and immediate troubleshooting.
  9. Sleep easy with one-year hassle-free warranty.
  10. Take advantage of full-service ongoing support and content updates upon request.
  11. Own a website that sends a clear message.
  12. Look good.

Clients Say

I worked closely with Mike for several years. He was enthusiastic about establishing our centre's online credibility. He was always cooperative and intelligent in his choices. I appreciate Mike's work ethic and his social skills. He is responsive and always ready to build meaningful business relationships.

Roman Molodynia, former Vice President, London Ukrainian Centre

Mike designed my website and has updated it over the years. He is professional and provides great results at a reasonable cost. He responds to emails and implements changes and updates to the website quickly. I would highly recommend him.

Beth Leaper, B.A., L.L.B, Barrister & Solicitor (Family Law)

Mike brings experience, reliability, and solid advice to his clients. He is very personable and easy to work with. His creativity is evident in his design ideas and ability to solve online problems.... CareerSmarts strongly recommends Mike Cygalski.

Linda Jack, Career Development Practicioner, CareerSmarts

Mike helped me with the content management system that I'm using for my website. All of his suggestions have greatly improved the content, aesthetics, and usability of my site as well as its rankings - I couldn't have done it without his help!!

Amy Ellis, BA (Kin), C. Ped (C)

Mike designed and managed our websites for two different rental properties that I was the Property Manager. In addition to these two websites he also designed and managed a website for a not-for-profit organization that I was involved with as President. Mike was very detail oriented when it came to his work. The websites would look good to me but he always had a way of making them look even better and more effective. I highly recommend Mike for any project.

Eugene Dustin, Property Manager & former President of Pride London, NPO

Over the last few years, Mike has helped us design and build three very good looking and highly usable websites. He has a keen aesthetic sense, a solid work ethic, and a broad range of skills. He knows how to take creative direction and how to accommodate preferences and individual tastes…

Paul Kurowski, Ph.D., P.Eng., Design Generator Inc. /

…He had no trouble taking well over a thousand images through the cogs of his design gracefully and without sacrificing aesthetics or usability. We are happy with his work.

Paul Kurowski, Ph.D., P.Eng., Design Generator Inc. /

Mike is a very knowledgeable website designer and is strong on deliver and follow up. He is always available and interested in building a solid business relationship without compromising important personal touches.

Chris Beaudry, Chris Beaudry Stoneworks

Mike, I've received lots of praise from suppliers and customers alike for the new, improved website!


I highly recommend Mr. Mike Cygalski. He does excellent work and is easy to work with.

Tatiana Zdyb Ph.D., M.A., C.Psych, Zdyb Centre for Health Promotion

Mike, we can't thank you enough for the amazing job you did at building our website.


I cannot say enough about how pleased I have been by the service provided and the results achieved. I would highly recommend using Mike in the development of a webpage and ongoing service from his company.

William J. Doran, B.S.W. LL.B LL.M (Family Law), Barrister & Solicitor

The feedback was very positive — people said it reflects my personality, is easy to navigate, well laid-out and fun!


We have been dealing with Mike for several years and have been pleased with his work from the very beginning. He is very accommodating to our needs and ideas.

Brian Burke, Strathroy Scale Inc.

Hey, and by the way, our Google ranking is amaaaaazing now. We are top three for most searches now. Thank you for everything you do for us. We are getting tons of jobs just from searches, so we are thrilled.

Owner of an Ottawa Based Creative

Excellent experience using Mike to revamp and redo our website. Very pleased!

Gloria Rolfe, Executive Director, Westminster Foundation

Mike... the info and service I received was beyond my expectations.


We have been dealing the Mike for 6 years. He is extremely knowledgable and offers excellent customer service. Thank you Mike for all your help and services.

C.S., Owner, Forever Concrete Inc.

I have been getting a lot of calls from the website and others have been checking it out before coming to view the units. They are all saying how great the website looks. Congrats on a great job well done.

E.D., The Grand Estates

Mike Cygalski created our first website in 2008, and recently created new one for us in 2015 when our company rebranded. His web development is artistic, cutting edge, and highly effective in terms of achieving a strong search engine ranking (we have always been happy with our results, right from day one). Mike is honest, articulate, knowledgable and always easy to get in touch with. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike over the years, and have very much relied on him for our company's online presence. I would highly recommend his services.

B.&M.S., Old South Landscape Professionals

Mike, I just got my first assignment from the web site! I had cold emailed a business publication last week and they just called. They had obviously looked at the thanks!


I am so glad that I called Mike...the info and service I received was beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend him if you're looking to enhance your online presence!!

Amy Ellis, BA (Kin), C. Ped (C), On The Move Orthotics

Thank you Mike for all your great photos of our showroom and Fanshawe gym floors.

T.B., President, Flatout Flooring Inc.

...the font style and size, the graphics/colours of the layout-all make it easy to navigate and read, attractive, professional yet friendly...


Thanks Mike, you're awesome!

Core Builders / LaRovere Construction Inc.

There is one thing I can say about it. I love it! I am sure the client will too.

Owner of an Ottawa Based Creative

Mike is a very easy person to deal with. He is very knowledgeable and excellent at explaining complex details regarding website design, trends and implementation. His direct contact approach is very client focused so you don't have to go through several layers of personnel to get quick accurate answers to your questions. I can't recommend both his skill level, knowledge and customer service high enough. A++

Michael Wilson, Owner, PC Audio

I highly recommend Mr. Mike Cygalski without reservation. Mr. Cygalski is easy to work with, is very creative, offers various packages (so there is something for every budget) and completed my website very quickly. Mr. Cygalski is also very accessible. Any time I need to make a change to the site he does so immediately. I am so pleased with the work that Mr. Cygalski did, and does for me.

Tatiana Zdyb, Ph.D., M.A., C.Psych

We have received great feedback and will wholeheartedly refer you to whoever we can. It has been and absolute pleasure working with you.

Sincerely, B.&M.S.

Overall - very cool, very easy to navigate...


[W]ith a single element you not only get a beautiful eye catching image, but you get insight into the site, not to mention a massive design element to style the site around.

Design Meltdown,, on

Looks great - thanks. And I just landed my second assignment thanks to the site (and a good pitch)!


Thanks, I have a lot of people who have seen the web site. A lot of people coming to see and apply have seen it before they came.

R.S., Huron Pines Housing Co-operative Inc.

Overall, it looks great, is easy to get around in...


Well! and woo-eee that is a very fine web site. Obviously well thought out...


FYI we've had lots of compliments on the site. Looks good.


All the one-bedrooms are full and I have two two-bedrooms taken today and paid first cheques for them. I think it has lot to do with the website.

R.S., Huron Pines Housing Co-operative Inc.

We've been getting much positive feed back about the web site.... so many thanks again for all your hard work.


Everything looks A-OK to me. Launch it! Go live! Yee-ha!


We have had many favourable comments over the last months about the web site.


Thanks again for all the efforts. The website has never looked so good.


Just checked out the site. Looks greatttttttttttt.


Overall, it looks great to me, accessible and easily readable, great images...


Mike, just thought I would pass along this very nice compliment on the website from one of my engineers.

Regards, D.L., Lande Associates Inc.

I think that we should put this up today.... Thanks a lot it is more than I expected.

R.S., Huron Pines Housing Co-operative Inc.

Thanks for everything....... everyone loves your work.


Thanks for making us look professional.


Love it!! Waiting for your call.

J.K., Serial Entrepreneur.